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Varsity Jacket



Red and white are said to be the perfect combination of colors. Easy jackets bring you the ultimate winter varsity hoodie, which will keep you warm and cozy and winters while keeping fashion in check. This red and white varsity hoodie is so comfortable that you can wear this all day long. Because red is said to be a color liked among both genders, it is very famous among people of all ages. This varsity hoodie is loved among cheerleaders, sports teams, most high school students.

The jacket’s sleeves are made of 100% leather to give the wearer the perfect fit and enhance the jacket’s look. Red can be tricky; it needs to be in the ideal shade to complement the jacket and the person wearing it. Hence, we use pure Melton wool for the body of the hoodie to give it a Rich feel and a long life. Moreover, all the acrylics we use on collar cuffs and waistbands are incredibly high quality. Adding to it the hood makes it exponentially better because it serves as both a jacket and a hoodie.

As the fashion of today’s world is taking a turn, more and more people are opting for brighter color attires. That is why this varsity hoodie is getting more and more fame among people of all ages. Especially high school seniors, frat boys, cheerleaders, and people who love a pop of color in their outfits. This combination of varsity jacket is so popular that if you go to any fabulous high school party, you will come across several people wearing this.

To make this varsity hoodie even more incredible and a little unique for yourself, you can customize it according to your own preference. Easy jackets allow you to have your perfect Letterman jacket by adding patches, embroidery, and even your high school mascot logo to it.

We assure you if you are looking for a jacket that catches the eye of everyone around you, this is the one.

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