Best Quality Ombre Jacket

Sublimated Satin

• Snap front closure
• Dual exterior pockets
• Media pocket on the inside of the jacket
• 1×1 acrylic knit on Collar, cuffs and waistband
• Diamond quilted lining inside of the jacket
• Available sizes: Unisex XXS to 6XL
• Custom sizes available with extra charges

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Because it is created with high quality satin, it also saves you time and hassle on ironing folds and wrinkles from the satin jacket. The jacket is ideal for any occasion. Because it is created with high quality satin, it also saves you time and hassle on ironing pleats and wrinkles in the satin jacket. It’s got a smooth look and a smooth touch to it.

Every college cheerleader, soccer player, star athlete, swimmer, gymnast, cricketer, college basketball player, professional athlete, drummer, scholar, frat, sorority you should invest in an Easy Jackets’ varsity jacket.

This satin polyester jacket is the perfect mixture of trend and style. So wherever you go or if you have last minute plans, just throw on that high quality jacket and you’re ready to go. Define your charm, walk in style, and bask in the admiration that this vest earns.

Men’s satin vests are made of premium silk satin. The pockets, and knit lines. Inside the jacket, there is a high-quality polyester quilted lining keeps you warm and cozy. The cuffs and waistline are made of high-quality acrylic knit. Not only will this piece bring you a great sense of style, but it will also be a good investment in your wardrobe.

Start customizing your jacket by adding your logos, mascots, and characters by going to our jacket Builder. Purchase a high-quality Satin faded satin Varsity Jacket blank or customized according to your needs. There are no additional costs for modifying your jackets’ color.

You can have them in any color, shade, material, size, and character with Easy Jackets. Having the widest range of jackets, you’ll never see.

So, what is keeping you away from buying this Faded Satin Varsity Jacket?

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