How To Design Custom Jackets

A very unique and detailed feature has been introduced by easyjackets, where all of our customers can design their own jackets. Following is a description that helps and guides you as to how this amazing tool works and lets you design your dream jacket.

There are four jacket styles and or designs to choose from:

  • Custom varsity jackets
  • Custom bomber jackets
  • Custom fleece jackets
  • Custom coach jackets

The above screen shows the choices which are available upon opening the design your jacket tool. We shall take the custom varsity jacket as an example here and show all the stages that are incorporated while designing your dream jacket.

  • Step 1

    At first step, the toll will ask the customer which material they will want to choose their jacket from, here we will chose the famous cowhide leather.

  • Step 2

    One has to choose the style of the jacket, 6 different styling options are available from different parts of the jacket itself.

1. Collar type: There are 6 various collar types to choose from; we choose over lapped collar;

2. Sleeve Style: Then there are 2 sleeves styles to choose from;

3. Front Closure: Two options to choose from;

4. Pocket Style: There are 6 options to choose from;

5. Knit/ Trim: There are 5 options to choose from;

6. Lining: There are 3 options to choose from;
6. Lining: There are 3 options to choose from;
  • Step 3

    Advance: There are various options available in this particular category;

  1. One can add a chest pocket
  2. Shoulders inserts are also available
  3. Piping are also available to be added.
  4. Cuffs pro/ simple are also available.
  • Step 4

    The whole jacket’s body can be colored in accordance with the customer choice.

After choosing various colors for all options the following could be a desired result;

  • Step 5

    In this particular option you can design all available parts of the jacket;

For example, if we chose to customize right pocket, following options pop-up to choose from:

Once an option is selected, resultant can be as follows;

  • Step 6

    Various sizes are available, following is the size chart that looks like the following;