About Us

About Us

Welcome to our website! We are proud to offer custom varsity jackets for any occasion. Our jackets are made from the finest materials and are designed to fit perfectly, giving you a look that is comfortable and stylish. Whether you are a student, an athlete, or just someone who likes to look their best, we have the perfect jacket for you. With our wide selection of colors and sizes, you can find the perfect varsity jacket for any event. Get ready to look your best and stand out from the crowd with our unique varsity jackets!


At EASYJACKETS we let our customers design their own varsity jackets with premium quality fabric, genuine leather and more. With our selection of materials, you can make a truly unique piece that reflects your style and personality. We offer cotton twill, sheep leather, cotton fleece, melton wool, cowhide leather, satin, faux leather taffeta and more so you can create the perfect custom letterman jackets or satin jackets.

Our website provides a simple and user-friendly experience for ordering and designing your own varsity jacket. With just a few clicks you can upload your images or logo and start creating the perfect varsity jacket design. We take pride in providing high-quality jackets at an affordable price, as well as excellent customer service. With fast delivery times, hassle-free returns, and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you can rest assured that your custom jacket will be delivered quickly and meet all of your expectations.

So don’t wait! Start designing your own varsity jacket today with EASYJACKETS and create something truly unique.

Our Story

I was walking through a local street in greater New York City looking at jackets. As I shopped through a few shops, either I could not find the jackets of my choice or the desirable product was priced really high. Next was to explore the available tailors, which again turned out to be pretty expensive. The result that I concluded was, it is really expensive to make varsity or custom jackets for oneself in the US, hence, I decided to provide the US audience with a product that is of high quality, in accordance with their demands and is reasonably priced.

Easy Jackets was thus born in the year 2010. Since then, we have been producing extraordinary products, which our clients like countrywide. We use molten wool and cowhide leather in all of our jackets and on top of that, all the products can be designed to the exact likeliness of the clients. We can even incorporate your personal stickers and logos if added to the design. Design your jacket on our website is a tool that we have developed on www.easyjackets.com, which allows you to custom make your jackets even to the color and design of the front pocket borders.

We are committed to excellent customer service and we go to lengths to make sure all our clients get the best possible product and services. 

Message from our CEO Faisal Munir Butt.